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Welcome to the perfect partner for the creation of your communication event, 100% in-house production and with more than 15 years of experience in the advertising and communication field.

We make your event shine.

At Silabic we offer you the right solutions and services to make sure that everything works out just fine.


Production of furniture and exclusive corporate material to make your space stand out from the rest.

Stand manufacturing

Design, production, logistics and assembly of all types of stands for events.

Graphics, POS and figures

We take care of the production, transport, assembly and storage of any type of corporate element, both fixed or temporary.

About us

We are the perfect partner for advertising, communication and PR agencies. Do you have a project in mind? We have the right solution for you.

Completed projects
The difference

We provide our experience to the leading communication and marketing agencies, offering them a 100% in-house and comprehensive service. We make sure that your projects are carried out with the maximum guarantee and the promptness they require.

Our services
Stunning elements


We create spaces adapted to your needs, dimensions and objectives. Showroom, corners, brand spaces, complete projects for commercial establishments, product launches, etc.

We work to make your brand stand out from the competition by providing unique experiences to achieve success in both one-off and long-term campaigns.

We produce spectacular and innovative spaces with excellent quality finishes, both in series and Ad-Hoc furniture. We always comply with deadlines, being able to cut them down as much as possible.

Experience and efficiency

Stand manufacturing

We manufacture functional and impressive structures for congresses, fairs and events. Comfort and interaction are fundamental aspects in order to connect with potential clients.

We start from the designs made by our clients as a roadmap or alternatively, our team of artists and designers will create for you the most suggestive and innovative stands. We will always consider the client’s requirements in order to exceed their technical and visual expectations.

Silabic’s stands are without a doubt a point of reference in national and international fairs for their innovation, functionality and architectural virtuosity.

Expertise and qualification

Graphics, POS and figures

Graphics, POS and figures are definitely the most important products for brand visualization and introduction, we know that for sure. Therefore, we produce carefully all kinds of corporate visual elements, from a simple portable stand for POS actions to the most spectacular figure for your space or event.

We understand the importance of a good finish on the elements where the brand is directly visualized, and we work hard to provide the maximum quality in our client’s corporative elements.

In our workshops we use rigid materials, 3D elements, vinyls, volume graphics and innovative communication materials.

The best partner for your events

About us

Letter by letter, syllable by syllable, words are formed, and thus communication is born. SILABIC works in the same way; we build communication by assembling all the necessary parts. We work all over Europe, proposing integral solutions into the world of communication events.

Our core value is our ability to react to each project process, from design to production, from logistics to assembly. We create innovative and exclusive projects. Through creativity in solving ideas, flexibility and involvement, we create an atmosphere of trust with the client, essential to exceed every expectation.

We are fully committed to our work, being aware that setbacks are often an unavoidable aspect in this industry. At Silabic we take care of finding solutions to these problems in the most agile and less invasive way as possible.

To our full commitment, we add the icing on the cake, which is our distinguishing feature: a 100% in-house creation and production throughout the whole process. This is possible thanks to our great team of carpenters, blacksmiths, electricians, audiovisual technicians, artists and designers, transporters and assemblers, all of them specialized in the production of events. In addition to the best technical and logistical means, we are able to perform any type of production without any external agent, resulting in peace of mind and profitability for our clients.
Our national and international logistic network provides us with the effectiveness and reliability necessary for the production of our projects.